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What we do

Why we are the first choice for repeat clients

B+R Architects offer full architectural services for retail, commercial, educational, leisure, mixed use and residential developments.  Our success is based on the trust we receive from our clients for consistently and reliably designing and delivering projects to the highest of standards.

The genesis of all our design solutions is the combination of the brief and the site.  It is not the work of a single hand with a set agenda or style; it is the work of a body of talented individuals collaborating with a diverse team of specialist consultants to provide a complete solution for the client. We interpret the complex and contrasting needs of clients, development control and construction and merge these with the findings of thorough site analysis and interrogation of the brief.  This allows each project to be unique and directly linked to its location.  

Implementation is at the heart of B+R and all of our architects and designers have a true understanding that the needs of the customer are paramount when designing and delivering any project. This focus is combined with a clear awareness that the client experience needs to be balanced with the requirement to deliver projects on time, to budget and to the highest quality.

Waitrose John Lewis at Home Horsham

Why us

Our experience informs our approach

We are an established and expanding practice made up of a dynamic mix of architects, designers and technicians led by a strong team of directors with over 35 years experience.  Our continued success is based on a proven reputation for design excellence and the highest standards of delivery assurance on challenging projects.

Our proposals are driven by simplicity, sustainability, efficiency and innovation of design.  Regardless of scale we create solutions that successfully balance aesthetics, functionality and cost considerations.  We believe it is critical to have a common alignment with our clients’ expectations from the outset of each instruction. This ensures an innovative and carefully considered structure for all projects from inception to handover.

Our philosophy is that each project and every site requires an exceptional solution in a unique context, informed through a clear understanding and interpretation of the brief and close team collaboration.  


The role of lead consultant

The ability to understand the needs of individuals is the key to any successful project. These may be end users, developers, stake holders, statutory authorities, designers, consultants or contractors. Each has their own influence and we understand that working collaboratively is the only way to make best use of each individual’s skills and knowledge.

Working as lead consultant for multi-stakeholder corporate organisations through to single owner occupier clients, we have had the opportunity to manage a diverse range of team members. Part of this role may be conciliatory, bringing together opposing views to allow compromise to deliver the best outcome, this is a skill we recognise is required when working in a team.

By remembering these principles we can provide integrated project delivery, a collaborative alliance of people, systems, business structures and practices. This alliance harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimise project results; increase value to the owner, reduce waste and maximise efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction. This provides solutions that are right first time.

Low Impact Solutons

Optimising the design

Less not more. Efficiency and best value design, tailored to site and client requirements are the basis for all projects at B+R Architects. These core values naturally create a framework for sustainable design solutions from feasibility to delivery across all of our work.

We understand that effective design in place of the addition of ‘Eco’ features has a more profound influence on achieving low impact design and adding value to the environment and communities. The idea of less not more is applied to all our decisions: Reduce energy burden using high performance building envelope and passive systems. Minimise gross to net ratios to reduce the conditioned building envelope. Decrease environmental impact through responsible sourcing. Mitigate concerns of interest groups through community involvement. Lower ecological impact by promoting bio-diversity.

Working in collaboration with the client and wider consultant team B+R have extensive experience of delivering BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) rated projects for new build, fit out and refurbishment projects.
The holistic nature of this system, which considers the whole life of projects, has a close alliance to the approach of B+R to responsible development.

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