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Integrated project delivery

B+R Architects maintain a policy of embracing leading edge technology to provide the best service to our clients.  Today, 90% of all of our projects are delivered in BIM, and we regularly work to the recognised standard of BIM level 2, alongside testing systems and techniques that deliver BIM level 3.

In 2007 Autodesk Revit was adopted as our primary form of CAD/BIM software, supported by an out sourced professional training program.  That year the complex town centre redevelopment, Waitrose Sevenoaks, was selected to test the platform and was successfully delivered in 2011.  Through the life of this project the practice developed and adopted an office protocol based on lessons learnt from this early adoption of the software. 

This process of continual improvement is demonstrated in the speed of adoption of new techniques.  In 2010 4D’ phasing was applied to a second town centre redevelopment project in Saffron Walden, where the scheme required a number of complex, overlapping phases.

Through the production of a detailed BIM Model of the existing buildings, elements of demolition and new construction could be layered into the model and gave the whole project team a greater understanding of these interactions.

“90% of all of our projects are delivered in BIM”

The ability to handle complexity in the model was extended in 2012 with the master planning requirements for the Bellerby Quarter, mixed use development in Guildford, consisting of multiple buildings set out across a 2.5 Acre site. Each building was individually managed and modelled, allowing plots to be let as separate contracts, while a master file incorporated the entire development for visual and logistical analysis

The completed Midland Goods Shed redevelopment at King’s Cross demonstrates the benefits of our experience using this powerful software.  The clarity of the bespoke interiors in the restored heritage building conceal the true complexity of integrating multiple, highly detailed models in a managed 3D BIM environment.  Intelligent equipment Families developed by B+R Architects are included in the final federated model that acquire cost and specification data directly from an online portal

Alongside the technical advantages gained at each point of progression, our Research and Development team are also producing new ways of visualising projects using the live BIM Models.  From 3D Panoramas to immersive roaming walkthroughs, utilising Virtual Reality, our philosophy for embracing new technology provides clear benefits in an ever competitive market.

These skills and processes allow us to work hand in hand with our clients to help understand, develop and deliver their BIM strategies from Concept to In Use

Walk through demonstration

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