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Brief of Concept

Bespoke solutions tailored to locations

At B+R Architects we have a pluralistic approach to design that manifests in no prescribed house style.  What we offer in every design is a unique and bespoke approach that matches the Client’s aspirations, tailored to site specific constraints and opportunities.

We work closely with you to establish the brief and the aspirations of the project; this allows us to uniquely develop a building solution for every site within the constraints of the brief.  We know when it is appropriate to challenge the brief, challenge when it adds value and benefits the Client and the project as a whole. Our underlying philosophy is delivering the best possible building, to the highest quality, giving best value to the client during whole the building lifecycle.  

We accept the responsibility and promote the benefits of our role as Lead Designer and we fully understand the benefits to be gained from early engagement with all the stakeholders.  Continuous engagement and briefing throughout the early process of design facilitates earlier client sign off and simpler statutory negotiations.  Using the full suite of tools available to us for the design period we are able to clearly demonstrate the ambition of our proposals, backed up with the information necessary for early understanding of potential budget costs. 

Statutory Consents

Engagement, negotiation and approval

Our teams approach to the negotiation of and securing statutory consents has been honed through working with countless local authorities. We are adept at managing or supporting approval submissions and understand the nuances of regional variations having worked widely in London, across the UK and Ireland on a variety of project types and scales.

Alongside Planning, Building Control and Fire Authority approvals we have also successfully dealt with numerous Listed Building Consents, working in partnership local authority conservation teams and English Heritage.  Where we have been appointed in an executive delivery role on a project that has previously been approved or submitted we have a successful methodology based on experience that allows continuity even when team members have changed.

Technical Design

Design assurance and confidence in value

Our teams have delivered projects using all forms of contract and procurement methods. Understanding the differing requirements of each type, combined with the exchange of risk and accountability and the demands and needs of all parties is the route to our success.  Our completed portfolio includes package procurement methods, design and build and full contract administration across projects at all scales, from phased developments spanning years to one off boutique refurbishments. 

We have a highly skilled team of architects and technicians that fully understand the quality and level of information required for tendering in a competitive market.


Full architectural service to completion of any project

We take great pride in our understanding that there is no separation between design and delivery and have a proven reputation for delivering challenging projects through close collaboration and knowledge of the process of construction.  Out of this recognised and valued expertise we formed our sister company STAND, specialising in executive delivery.

STAND tailors services to the development and delivery stages of projects working directly as part of the contractor team, realising the clients’ aspiration on time and within budget.  The STAND philosophy of pride and passion in the delivery of projects as part of a combined team effort has been developed directly from the ways of working in B+R Architects.

Handover and in use

Effective feedback and project review

Reviewing completed projects in use provides the benefit of harnessing project design information to assist with the successful operation of buildings.

Not only can end user occupants and maintenance teams benefit, but also the design and delivery teams gain real time data and feedback on performance.  Direct client, consultant and contractor feedback on the Project process itself is also vital in providing a strong base for continuous improvement.

It is our belief that combining the completed project BIM model with on-going maintenance and facilities management processes will release financial and performance benefits to clients across all sectors​

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