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Data Centres

Client:             Various

Scale:             4MW Facility to 180MW Campus
Complete:        Current

Each new instruction is started with a test fit, based on the Customer Reference Design and any known site exceptions. These test fits establish Maximum Campus IT and allow Owner Acquisitions teams, with the support of local Ops to plan and manage development pipeline.

We have led and managed International design consortium on projects up to a capital value of €2 billion. Our close working relationships and roles working inside Client Owner teams allow us the ability to ensure standards are maintained from initial appraisal, through permitting and local code up to final commissioning and ready for service dates for end user Customers.

"Key to this is the use of Fully coordinated, Building Information Models. BIM is utilised from Stage 2 to provide Client design assurance and Construction Coordination."

Acting as Design manager and lead coordinator B+R have developed a number of Standard Models for International Data Centre providers.   This role is mixed between standards management, alignment and creation.

Design alignment projects include studies of Client global standards to create European reference designs suited to local Hyperscale market.  New concept standards, define both the base product and leading the team to create system topologies from the ground up.  New standards optimise adaptability for future requirements including Capacity expansion, hybrid and liquid cooling to suit both Hyperscale and Co-location demands with a focus on High Performance Compute and AI.


Each project is identified by its own end user Customer needs and tailored to that market, while producing products that are repeatable, scalable, and component driven.  Consistent detailing, layouts and system distribution are core to facilitating speed to market and efficiency in procurement, construction, and operation.   

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