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Waitrose Dorking

South Street, Dorking

Client:         Waitrose Ltd.
Scale:          30 000 ft²
Complete:    2014

Holistic redevelopment of a whole block within the Dorking town centre conservation area.  B+R Architects successfully gained consent through a complex planning process to replace the out of character 1970s office building and community centre with a contemporary retail development where the scale and mass is responsive to the vernacular grain of the town.

“A contemporary architectural response that is directly linked to its unique location”

The multifaceted building, sits over substantial multi-level basement car park that released the potential of this valuable town centre site. Through in-depth analysis we assimilated a primary and secondary rhythm that could be developed into a responsive aesthetic across the proposed facades of the building.

This concept enables the large format building to successfully sit within the immediate context where the external expression is clearly contemporary, while reflecting the smaller traditional pattern. Using the BIM model, and in our role as lead consultant we were able to integrate and evaluate trade package proposals to deliver best value for the complex construction.

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