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Waitrose John Lewis at Home 

Albion Way, Horsham

Client:              John Lewis Partnership Waitrose Ltd
Scale:              110 000 ft²
Complete:        2015

Building on our successful relationship working independently for Waitrose Ltd and John Lewis Partnership, B+R Architects were appointed to deliver the fit out of the joint Waitrose John Lewis at Home, Horsham. The brief called for a holistic review of the working methods of two brands to bring together the functions in both selling and non selling areas to drive spatial efficiencies and maximise operational savings

“A holistic review of the working methods of two brands”

B+R Architects provided the concept to resolve the complex spatial arrangement for the retail interiors, where a shared central circulation space linked the three floors with feature stairs, lifts and trav-o-lators. A bridge link spans the main entrance level where the customer cafe has views across both branches. A feature artwork installation in polished stainless steel was incorporated in these spaces to unify and add further drama. 

Within the non selling areas a comprehensive review of both clients’ operational needs was undertaken to allow the support spaces to be rationalised and combined across both administration and amenity functions. The outputs from this process are to be used to inform future joint projects.

A fully coordinated BIM model was utilised to facilitate both client approval and provide cost certainty pre contract. The live design model was used to create rendered fly through videos to interrogate the spatial sequences, finishes and arrangement of departments to ensure brand compliance and clarity.

This model was then developed through the construction phase via two independent design and build contracts, where B+R were novated to a single Main contractor. Clear accountability and ownership was required to complete both stores on time to budget, coordinating with two separate client and commercial teams, with contracts of different durations.

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