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Client:         Skanska
Scale:          Varies
Complete:    2012 – present

B+R as leading designers in the uptake and utilisation of BIM work in partnership with Skanska to offer contract and bid support on their projects.  We both operate from a philosophy that the client should always get the best from their appointed teams.  Our working relationship focuses around the utilisation of new technology and practices to drive safety, efficiency and concept to completion certainty on all projects. 

Our in house BIM teams fully model the schemes, using project phasing to review the sequence of construction and confirm and inform design decisions. We eliminate the unknowns, identify issues within a re-workable timeframe and ensure at an early stage that the concept can be delivered undiluted.

From 40 Chancery Lane to the new Google HQ at Kings Cross, B+R have been able to quickly identify key areas requiring attention and provide informed solutions which reduce the risk profile for the client on the project.  We have also been able to get involved in innovative construction methods and sequencing at an early stage, delivering value added engineering. This helps to remove the need for later cost driven change, increasing design assurance for the commissioning client.

“Using the next generation tools to resolve problems today”

The knowledge gained and experimental approach taken by the team is directly transferable to other sites and clients as it’s all about using the next generation tools to resolve problems today.

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