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Shannon, Ireland

Client:          Westpark Shannon Ltd.
Scale:          2 400 000 ft²
Complete:    2002 – present 

Part of the Shannon Free Zone, Westpark is a speculative commercial development that has become the symbol of the success of this area.  Appointed at the outset of this ambitious project, B+R Architects have been a key partner in the phased design and delivery of multi-use buildings in the form of a campus for manufacturing, distribution, tech industries and headquarter offices.

The original brief required the development of a flexible format, repeatable building to provide three upper stories of high specification offices addressing the crest of a natural hill, with the lower levels cut into the topography to provide light industrial use. These seven buildings were proposed to be linked via an integrated landscape parkland, providing restaurants, amenity facilities, walkways and sculptured features.  The completed blocks and parkland have been delivered in a mixture of Standard form of Contract and Design and Build Contract dependant on the clients’ arrangements for selling or leasing the individual building, floors or units. 

“The concept of the workplace reinvented”

Interior Concept

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Site overview

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To maintain the position of Westpark as a leading provider in the Shannon Free Zone, a revised proposal for blocks 1000 & 2000 (as granted consent under the master plan permission) has been approved.  The amended development consists of a revised block design incorporating 150 000 ft² of office floor area, with an integrated amenity block of 42 000 ft².

A multi-deck car park with space for over 900 cars is also proposed to link with Blocks 1000 and 2000. The development will utilise existing foundations along with the established roads, drainage and landscaping.  The amenity building will include restaurants, and other ancillary uses supporting the requirements of the workforce.

The proposed development represents a contemporary interpretation of the previous phase of built development at Westpark. Since permission was granted in 2002, the concept of the workplace has been reinvented. The new spaces promote collective thinking, idea sharing, family orientated environments that reduce staff turnover and develop company loyalty.

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